A second Letter to HHU International Faculties and Post-Doctorates


Dear international faculties and post-doctorates of Hohai University,

The following is an update of the situation regarding COVID-19 at Hohai University.

The University remains closed so far because of the serious outbreak of COVID-19 in China. Reopening of the University is still pending. According to the Ministry of Education of China, all Chinese educational institutions will remain closed until COVID-19 is fully under control and there is no risk of proliferation of the virus.

During this period, all academic and teaching activities on campus will be suspended. All accommodation and students’ and faculty living services will also be suspended. Students and faculty are not allowed to visit campus without the approval of the top administration of the University to prevent COVID-19 from endangering our campus.

According to the medical advice of Chinese Center of Disease Control and Prevention, traveling and physical contact is the most likely way to be infected by COVID-19 therefore the University strongly suggests that you stay indoors and avoid traveling or contact with mass amount of people. For those who are currently not in China, we strongly suggest that you stay where you are, avoid traveling, and take necessary measure to protect yourself and your family.

We understand that this is a difficult time for everybody. We will keep you informed of the date of the reopening of the University. You are more than welcome to come back to Hohai when we win the war against COVID-19. We strongly believe we will. To that end, we need your understanding and cooperation.

All the best to you and your loved ones.


International Office

Hohai University